About Us

CRNA is a goverment facility that provides services for Native Beneficiaries that are enrolled in the Surrounding Villages. We also now accept Medicaid and Private Health Insurance.

Our Services Include: Health, Behavioral Health, and Tribal Community Services.

CRNA is organized into four departments Administration, Behavioral Health, Health, and Support services. Each department has its own staff under the supervision of a departmental director. CRNA is run by an elected Board of Directors with representation from each of the villages.

Special emphasis is put on physical health, mental health, and freedom from substance abuse. CRNA provides diagnosis, treatment, and education, in each of these areas. CRNA is in cooperation with Ahtna Incorporated to provide for the Ahtna people, and to carry the strengths of this culture into the lives of the current generation.


To provide high quality, accessible health care to our tribal members while enhancing cultural awareness through educational opportunities.

Core Values

Our commitment reflects our venerable history, culminating in a vision for the future of our communities. We have defined the values to guide our activities in the years to come. These are our core values:

  • Protect our Tribal sovereignty, culture and subsistence
  • Enhance the Spirituality, Health, Wellness and Education of our people
  • Promote Sober and Drug-free communities
  • Always do the best for all with Dignity and Respect
  • Vision 2027

We are a comprehensive social service organization promoting the emotional contentment, physical health, spiritual wealth, and productive lives of our people.


“CRNA is a Tobacco Free Organization”