Finance Department

The finance department has numerous and varied responsibilities but its primary purpose is the support of all CRNA programs and functions, thus allowing each of CRNA’s Departments to focus on the services they perform and provide.  Through teamwork with all other departments, accounting/finance is able to perform its tasks and accomplish its goals, which in­clude:  process payments to vendors;  prepare and distribute employee’s payroll; properly re­cord transactions to the general ledger; verify proper approvals are documented; maintain files  of transactions;  reconcile accounts; prepare internal reports; maintain grant files; prepare & submit financial reports to grantor’s; assist with the annual budget preparation; monitor actual expenses compared to budget;  report financial activity to management and the Board of Direc­tors; assist with regulatory compliance; prepare for and work with the annual auditors; record and deposit revenues; work to maximize revenue through cash investments, indirect rate strate­gies & proposals, funding negotiations, billing & collecting opportunities; protect assets through internal controls, asset col-lateralization, insurance analysis & coverage; fringe benefit cost analysis & maximization, and be available to answer questions, discuss issues & offer as­sistance wherever possible.

Finance Director

Lorraine Radigan


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