Hudson Lake Healing Camp


A culturally based residential camp dedicated to healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Hudson Lake Healing Camp is a remote residential facility dedicated to healing and recovery. We assist those struggling with substance abuse in their healing journey.

Hudson Lake emphasizes traditional Ahtna culture with activities such as fishing, trapping, gathering wood, beading, and cooking on a wood stove.

Hudson Lake is located approximately 12 miles from Copper Center. The land was donated to CRNA by the Native Village of Kluti-Kaah.

The staffs at Hudson Lake Healing Camp are qualified professionals, certified counselors, and experienced care providers. Copper River Native Association strives to hire staff members with knowledge of Ahtna culture as this knowledge is integral to best serve those in our community.

Those interested in attending Hudson Lake Healing Camp are required to complete an Intake application and follow up by participating in an Assessment.


Priority of Eligibility:

1. Tribal members of CRNA’s compacting villages.

2. Alaska Natives residing in the Copper River Basin.

3. Alaska Natives from outside the Copper River Basin.

4. American Indians/Native Hawaiians residing within the U.S.

5. Non-Natives residing in the Copper River Basin.


Hudson Lake Healing Camp currently offers 28 day residential sessions in a remote subsistence camp. Emphasis is placed on healing through establishing ones cultural identity and developing a sense of self-efficacy.

Hudson Lake is integrated within a wide range of Behavioral Health Services offered by Copper River Native Association. We recommend that those attending Hudson Lake continue on their path of recovery through Outpatient services upon their return.


“CRNA is a Tobacco Free Organization”