Community Health Aides

The Community Health Aide/Practitioner (CHAP) Program promotes the highest quality of health services at the village level within our CRNA service area.  The Community Health Aides/Practitioners (CHA/Ps) are the primary health providers for the CRNA beneficiaries. A higher level of health care is provided by the family nurse practitioner (NP) by appointment and referral from the CHA/P when the patient condition  exceeds that scope of practice. 

Under the Community Health Aide/Practitioner Program the village community clinics are open to the public for medical evaluation.  A patient who is not a CRNA beneficiary may be seen in the clinic and advised to seek further medical attention at the local medical center, but will not be referred by the village health aide.  Click here for Clinical Service Providers Policy & Procedures.

Home visits are made by the CHA/P to CRNA beneficiaries who are unable to visit the village health clinic.

The following is a list of priority patients/clients that qualify for home visits.

1. Eligibility determination is made by CRNA’s Contract Health Services.

2. The following are beneficiaries who may receive home visits:

  • Elders
  • Patients/clients having a chronic or acute illness, and/or who are temporarily or permanently homebound (post-emergency or post-operative care, frail, follow-up for home monitoring care, etc.)
  • Patients/clients diagnosed with a communicable disease and are not eligible for CRNA Patient Transport.


Kluti-Kaah Clinic




Gulkana Clinic



Gakona Clinic




Tazlina Clinic

Alonzo Leisholmn


Cantwell Clinic
Toni Suko, CHA-II



We are currently accepting applications for a CHA/P for the Cantwell Health Clinic.

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