Support Services


The Support Services Department at the Copper River Native Association is a multi-faceted department that supports the infrastructure in our Headquarters and all of our villages and village clinics.

Our Patient Transportation Unit moves clients to their medical, behavioral health and dental appointments – in the Copper River Valley and to Anchorage – to ensure our clients receive the care they need.

Our Environmental Health Maintenance Unit keeps our grounds cleaned, snow plowed, handles a myriad of maintenance issues on our vehicles and buildings.  They assist our Elders in light level maintenance at their homes such as chimney cleaning, small construction projects (window replacement, thawing frozen plumbing), hauling potable water to those in need.

The Environmental Health Maintenance Unit are really unsung heroes at the main office keeping our facilities running, installing locks, moving furniture, replacing windows and doors, vehicles running and generally keeping the place together.

The Information Technology Unit manages all of our computers and printers.  Another behind the scenes activity that doesn’t often get seen, keeping computer servers running, helping when individuals have computer issues.

The Veterans Tribal Representative Unit is responsible for helping all our Veterans in the Copper River Valley get into and get help from the Veterans Administration.


Facilities Director
Bobby Kristovich

Environmental Health Maintenance

Nolan Debler

Environmental Health Maintenance
John Dye

Environmental Health Maintenance

Matt Krinke

Transport Manager
Dale Snell

Transport Driver
Marcia George

Transport Driver
Ben Frank

Patient Transport

Arlene Garcia

“CRNA is a Tobacco Free Organization”