Reimbursement for Travel to Anchorage

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As most everyone knows CRNA has available funds to reimburse our clients for some of the travel costs associated in getting to and from Anchorage when our transportation is not available to you.   In these cases, which I’ll highlight below, you are eligible for a reimbursement of 23 cents per mile which is the federally mandated Medical Mileage Reimbursement rate.  Each village and location in the CRNA area has a different rate associated with it for reimbursement based on the mileage from Anchorage.  For instance, round trip reimbursement rate for Copper Center, as agreed upon by the Federal Government, ANTHC and CRNA is 402 miles or $92.46.  This reimbursement changes periodically, according to the Internal Revenue Service. 

Now, there are specific guidelines our clients – you all – have to follow in order to get this reimbursement.   They are very strict and subject to scrutiny by ANTHC, the folks that ultimately provide the funding. 

A “Beneficiary Reimbursement For Travel To Anchorage Service Unit” form, CRNA Form HD-BN-0005, is available from the Health Aid at any of our Clinics or available from the Health Department front desk.   Every reimbursement starts with this form.  

You must have this form with you at your appointment and signed by the health care provider on the day of your appointment in order to seek reimbursement.  If it is signed the day before the appointment or the day after appointment, you will not be reimbursed.  If the Health Aid at the clinic signs the form after the appointment, you will not be reimbursed.  Copies of the form are only acceptable if the signatures on the forms are original.  We can accept a faxed copy of the form, but please mail the original to CRNA as soon as possible.

Other things to remember:  This is a program that could be stopped at anytime.  It is not a CRNA program, it is an ANTHC program and we are subject to their audits and guidance on this program.  This reimbursement can only be done if a)  CRNA Patient Transport is full b) your appointment is on a day when CRNA does not go to Anchorage c) a special circumstance such as cancer patients etc.  If you set up your own appointment and do not give CRNA an opportunity to transport you or you set up your appointment outside our policy time window on a day we go to Anchorage, then you’re not eligible for reimbursement.

 Any questions about the Reimbursement Program call your Health Aid or the Support Services Manager.


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