Eligible Foster Care Procedure

Monthly reports must be completed by the foster parent and turned in to Tribal Community Services Dept. by the end of the month. The rate of payment is based on the number of children in the home, their age and the number of days care was provided.

Foster Care Recruitment

CRNA is Recruiting for Foster Homes

When Children are removed from a home it is life changing. As native people we need to step up and help make a difference in these children’s lives by providing a safe home. You can help by becoming a Foster Parent. You can choose either Short term emergency care or Long term placement. Short term care provides the child with a safe setting, while the placing agency locates long term placement for the children. Long term care can give the parents time to restructure and improve their way of life to regain custody of their children. In other cases, Long term care can lead to permanent placement and adoption by the Foster Parents.

If you would like to make a difference in a child’s life contact the Tribal Community Services Foster Care Program to receive more information and/or an application to become a licensed foster home.

Needed Forms

Tribal Child Care Provider Application

Foster Parents Monthly Report


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