The P.L. 102-477 General Assistance Program


The General Assistance Program is a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) program, regulated by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), it is designed to provide temporary assistance to meet the unmet needs of the participant until other resources can determine eligibility. The goal of the General Assistance (GA) program is to increase the participants self-sufficiency. You will need to complete and return an application, provide proof of residency, birth certificate for each child, copy of photo ID, Certificate of Indian Blood, Proof of all income, Bank statements, copies of all utility bills/receipts or rent, proof of application for other services. Eligibility and ineligibility requirements are listed in the policies. Applicants must be actively seeking employment, demonstrate progress in the Individual Self-sufficiency Plan, accept local and/or seasonal employment when available. Benefit Standards are calculated according to the General Assistance worksheet using the Needs Standards for the Alaska Region. General Assistance can be used to assist with food, shelter, utilities and clothing.


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