Burial Assistance


Burial Assistance is a program to provide financial assistance for the deceased to be buried. The amount is determined by the income of the deceased and the absence of other resource (SSI, veteran’s death benefits, social security). As the applicant you must apply for the state burial assistance first. The amount allocated is based on the actual remaining cost for burial. The payment is made directly to the funeral home, if there is a remaining balance of up to $400.00 a check can be made or a purchase order to a designated store. Assistance in total will not exceed $2,500.00.

The requirements are: The applicant (the deceased) must have been an Alaska Native/American Indian. The applicant (the deceased) must have resided within the CRNA service area for at least six months. The applicant (the deceased) does not have sufficient resources to meet the essential needs of burial.

Other resources that must be considered are: Life Insurance policies, Veteran’s benefits, Social Security Benefits, and other personal resources. When any of these resources are available, but not enough to cover the burial expenses, an amount to cover the difference can be approved. The application must be completed with in (30) thirty-days following death. The application can be from a relative or any other person’s making the burial arrangements.

NOT COVERED BY BURIAL ASSISTANCE: Burial Assistance cannot be used for a deceased person that lived outside CRNA service area, travel expenses for relatives or friends to attend burial services in or outside the CRNA service area.


Needed Forms

Application For Burial Assistance


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