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Nabesna Mine

Nabesna Mine

This is the end of the state maintained Nabesna Road. From here on, the road is privately maintained for access by four-wheel drive vehicles to the privately owned Nabesna Mine. Obtain permission from the mine owner prior to visiting private property. About 1/3 mile further, there is a gravel parking area. This is the best place to park your car. Approximately 1/3 mile past the parking area, a trail leads south towards the remains of the abandoned Rambler Mine, an area that was active after WWII, but never patented, and now part of the park. The trail is steep, but the effort rewards you with superlative views of the Nabesna River and Nutzotin Mountains.

The Nabesna Mine went into production in the early 1930′s and had produced over $1,870,000 in gold by the time that large scale mining ceased in 1940. Limited, small scale mining has continued since then. The mine entrance is on a very steep slope high up on White Mountain, so ore had to be transported hundreds of feet by aerial tramway down to the processing plant at the base of the mountain. The primary ore materials are gold-bearing pyrite and chalcopyrite which occur in limestone along with other metallic minerals such as magnetite, pyrrhotite, and pyrite. These mineral deposits probably formed when metal and quartz-rich fluids migrated from an underground chamber of molten material into nearby limestone where they cooled and solidified. Miles

This site case (2350) or EPA ID: AK0000333021 was opened in 1994 by State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. The mine site is currently active; Wrangell-St Elias National Park is currently evaluating engineering cost analysis for site remediation. As of July 2012

Aliases: Old Nabesna Mine, Rambler Mines
Contacts: Wrangle-St. Elias National Park GIS Department
Actions: Site Investigation, performed by AK DEC and National Park Service
Contaminants: Unspecified mine tailings
Site-Specific Documents: Not available to Copper River Native Association’s Response Program at this time.
Street: LAT 62 23 00. LONG 143 02 00
City / State / ZIP: SLANA, AK 99586
NPL Status: Not on the NPL
Non-NPL Status: Other Cleanup Activity: State-Lead Cleanup
ERS Exclusion: An Eligible Response Site (ERS) Exclusion decision has been made at this site.
EPA Region: 10 Federal Facility Flag: Not a Federal Facility

Site Name:  Old Copper Valley School Site

1957 Old Copper Valley School Site

1957 Old Copper Valley School Site

Site Information:  The Catholic Church operated a mission boarding school in Tazlina for 15 years from 1956 until 1971. Alumni of the former Copper Valley School continue to hold annual gatherings in memory of their years at the school, which turned out many leaders in the Alaska Native community. In 1976, a fire destroyed the main buildings, and over the years the remaining outbuildings have deteriorated. Private housing has developed around the former school, which has become a common play area for the children who live in the area.   Since 2010 there has been new energy from community members formed around this site.  That has reestablished old partnerships and formed new ones, to find a way to restore this site to a safe and healthy part of the Tazlina community.  These partnerships have hosted a number of community outreach and project awareness events in Tazlina to gain historic knowledge of site and perspective for future reuse of this property.    Although this property is owned by the Catholic Church, Diocese of Anchorage, the Native Village of Tazlina, and many partners in conjunction with the Copper Valley School Alumni Association, would like to reuse this property for educational opportunities for the future Native leaders of Alaska. The community, which sees this site as a positive part of local history, would like to see the property used for outdoor education and environmental and subsistence activities for the general public.

Aliases:  Old Copper Valley School, Catholic Boarding School

Actions:  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State of Alaska department of Environmental Conservation and other partners work in Tazlina includes development of a property assessment and cleanup plan, to inform decisions on remedial and restorative actions that could be taken to make the site ready for the desired reuse.

Contaminants:  Potential contaminants of concern include asbestos used in the buildings for pipe insulation; pallets of bags of unknown powdery substances; underground fuel storage tanks; piles of unused cans of lead-based paint; and buried dumps containing lead-acid batteries and other refuse, with at least one dump eroding into the river.

Project Partners:   Catholic Church, Diocese of Anchorage, Native Village of Tazlina Tribal Response Program, Copper Valley School Alumni Association,  U.S. EPA Region 10, Alaska DEC, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium TRP, Copper River Native Association TRP and community members.

Site-Specific Documents:  Assessment of site were performed by State of Alaska DEC,  EPA Region 10 Brownfield Programs and URS Alaska, LLC.

Location:  Mile 111.4 Richardson Hwy.  Coordinates: 62°2’50″N   145°24’10″W
City / State / ZIP:   Tazlina, AK 99586
NPL Status:   Not on the NPL
EPA Region:   10
Federal Facility Flag:   Not a Federal Facility

Site Name: Dry Creek / Military Dump Site
Site Information: 

In the 1940’s Dry Creek was used as a training site, for the United States Army. During the army’s stay at the Dry Creek area they hDry Creekad utilized the area as a bunk house, garage and dump site. Many items were left behind such as Military tank and 55 gallon drums. Buried items were also found such as clothing, cars and canned food. Make shift shelters were also found. Where the items were buried is easily identifiable by the mounds, which are overgrown by moss. People are unsure if there were buried mines in the area. Native of Village Tazlina is working to have this brownfield area cleaned up for reuse.

This site case (2350) or EPA ID: N/A

Aliases: Dry Creek Military Dump Site

Contacts: NVT TRP Coordinator, Tribal Administrator

Action: NALEMP Consultant, NVT TRP Coordinator- and other partners work in Tazlina includes development of a property assessment and cleanup plan, to inform decisions on remedial and restorative actions that could be taken to make the site ready for the desired reuse.

Contaminants: UnknownDry Creek

Site-Specific Documents: Assessment of site were performed by NALEMP

Street: Mile 117 Richardson Hwy.

Coordinates: 62p°, 8’54.35N 145°28’13.36W

City/State/Zip: Tazlina, AK 99586

NPL Status: Not on the NPL

EPA Region: 10 Federal Facility Flag

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