Services and Programs

All Services are for CRNA Beneficiaries. To be enrolled as a beneficiary you must fill out and enrollment form and bring in proof of residency or get a waiver from your Village Council Office. For more information contact Arleen Lenard. We also provide services for people with medicaid an private insurance, (clients are responsible for co-pay.)

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Tribal and Community

Child Care Program

  • Child care is provided for parents or legal guardians who are in the workforce, continuing their education or in training to become employed.


Clothe the Community (2-1-1) Program

  • CRNA has a unique program called the Clothe the Communities Program (also called the 2-1-1 Program) wherein CRNA will provide clothing such as hats, gloves, jackets, pullovers, and other protection from the elements.  We provide tents and sleeping bags and other gear to prevent frostbite and loss of fingers where needed or requested.  This program has provided support through the Copper River School District, through the VPSO Program, and through people coming by the CRNA offices.


Education Programs
  • Higher Education Scholarships –  is provided to encourage all Alaska Native/American Indians to continue their education and enhance their future potential and to disseminate college/university information.
  • Adult Vocational Training – is to assist Alaska Native/American Indians to obtain job skills, certification and information needed to gain reasonable and satisfactory full-time employment.
  • Direct Employment – Alaska Native/American Indians who have entered new employment and are in need of work appropriate clothing, licenses, union dues, etc.



Elder’s Programs
  • Congregate Meals – Copper River Native Association receives Title VI, Part A – Grants for Native Americans to provide congregate meals to senior who are age 55 and older.
  • Home Delivered Meals – Meals on Wheels
  • Transportation – Provides door to door transportation for people who are elderly or disabled.
  • Partnerships – CRNA works in cooperation with the Farmer’s Market, Food Bank of Alaska, and Medicare.



Foster Care
  • Assists children who have been displaced, neglected, or abandon.



Food Bank
  • Copper River Native Association (CRNA) in cooperation with the Food Bank of Alaska operates a volunteer Food Bank to help eliminate hunger in the Copper River Region.



GED Incentives
  • TCS will support those interested in Adult Secondary Education instruction.



General Assistance Program
  • Designed to provide temporary assistance to meet the unmet needs of the participant until other resources can determine eligibility.
  • Emergency Assistance – is to assist individuals or families who have suffered from a natural disaster such as flood, fire, or other destruction and loss or damage of personal possessions.
  • Burial Assistance – is a program to provide financial assistance for the deceased to be buried.



Imagination Library
  • Every child will have books of their very own, at no cost to you, thanks to The Dollywood Foundation. Here in the Copper River Valley, books are funded by Best Beginnings, Rasmuson Foundation, and the Alaska Dept. of Education & Early Development.



Workforce Development
  • Designed to assist people who are attempting to gain meaningful employment by assisting them to overcome any barriers that are preventing them from becoming permanently employed.



Health Department


Community Health Aides
  • The (CHAP) Program promotes the highest quality of health services at the village level within our CRNA services area.


Support Services


Environmental Health
  • The EHM program provides water hauling and minor maintenance to beneficiaries who meet the criteria for eligibility.



Patient Transportation
  • The Scheduled Transportation Program provides non-emergency transportation to all eligible beneficiaries that reside within the Copper River Native Association (CRNA) service area and do not have any means of reliable transportation.


Veteran Resources

  • Copper River Native Association is proud to announce that we can now provide Medical services to ALL Veterans.


Tribal Response Program
  • A cooperative agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop and maintain a Tribal Response Program.
  • Copper River Native Association’s Tribal Response Program is will be providing, updates and progress reports of active site clean-up and spill responses in the Copper River Region.

Behavioral Health


Counseling Services- 

  • Copper River Native Association’s Behavioral Health Department provides a number of counseling services for individuals, families, couples, or for similar-issue groups.  We offer a spectrum of support melding the best traditional Native healing practices with the Western Model of psychological assistance.  Help is offered in the villages, in remote sites, and in the Copper Center hub of the Copper River Basin.  Many of our clients are voluntary- though many others are also referred through the Alaska Court System for legally mandated services.  All clients are treated the same with confidentiality, professionalism, and compassion.  Since Copper River Native Association is an Indian Health Service facility incorporated for Native health concerns, we honor our mission to serve Native beneficiaries of the Copper River Basin region while recognizing that, as a Community Behavioral Health Center, we also serve non-Natives of the region and serve all with a mission of equality.


Crisis Line-

  • CRNA BHS Department mans a Crisis Line to address mental health and other behavioral health emergencies 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.  A trained clinician carries the cell phone at all times and is there to address all after hours emergencies.  In the case that the phone is not answered right away, CRNA encourages the caller to leave a message or to call again as sometimes phone receptivity due to terrain or weather conditions varies.  Also, be aware that “blocked” numbers will not allow for a redial if a connection is lost.
  • CRNA strives to respond to all emergencies with appropriate care.  The Crisis Line number is 320-1520, a local call within the Copper River Valley.


Intensive Outpatient Services-

  • Intensive Outpatient Services or IOP is a service available to beneficiaries and past participants of the Hudson Lake Recovery Camps.  According to the ASAM, this is Level II care wherein more time and energy is needed to facilitate abstinence from alcohol and drugs than available for Outpatient Care (below).  Participants are required to remain drug-free for the duration of treatment.  Urinalysis is used to determine compliance with this basic requirement.
  • As with all of the counseling services, treatment begins with the referral and assessment.  The assessment and counseling is provided by CRNA staff without charge.  If the referral is from ASAP or the Court, a copy is generally given also to this referral source.


Outpatient Services-

  • Outpatient Services or “OP” are much the same as the IOP Services listed above- though the sessions are less intense in the number of sessions and the requirements for graduation.  The group is made up of those who might have graduated down from IOP to this ASAM Level I care or were evaluated to need Level I care from their assessments.  Again, participants are required to remain drug-free for the duration of treatment.  Urinalysis is used to determine compliance with this basic requirement.


Continuing Care-

  • As clients leave the above Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs of the CRNA Behavioral Health Department, they transition out with the aid of the Continuing Care group.  This group meets one time per week with the sole intention to giving CRNA clients every possible chance to succeed at recovery.  As we reenter social arenas fraught with temptations, the Continuing Care program helps arm us for encountering situations and to maintain the healthy life patterns established in the above programs.


Anger Management Classes-

  • Copper River Native Association’s Behavioral Health Department offers a program for those people who wish to better handle their emotions and behaviors through the Anger Management Program.  This is a program that is open to Native beneficiaries and non-Natives alike- and has been fully supported by the Alaska Court System for satisfaction of domestic violence and anger management class orders elsewhere in Alaska.  Participants are both voluntary and court-ordered.  Non-Native participants are required to support the program with a payments from a sliding fee scale for each session.


Village-Based Services-

  • The village-based services provided by the Copper River Native Association’s Behavioral Health Department can be considered the “backbone” of our services with a majority of our counselors providing needed relief.  In the covered villages of the CRNA catchment area, we have counselors trained in wide-spectrum behavioral health issues through the Rural Human Services Program.  They all have daily work schedules that reflect the needs of their communities.


Alcohol and Drug Information School-

  • The Behavioral Health Department also provides Prime For Life and Adult Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) classes that we offer to first time alcohol or drug adjudicated offenders.  The Prime For Life/ADIS classes teach the dangers of continued use, legal issues, the physiology of alcohol/drug use, and life consequences.  These are taught by the addictions staff members who have achieved advanced training and certification to provide this service.  Due to demand, the Behavioral Health Services Department has provided this service to youth from the Copper River Basin and all the way to Valdez on a monthly/as-needed basis.


Juvenile ASAP Services-

  • CRNA helps youth throughout the Copper River Basin and into Valdez and Cordova through a liaison with the Alaska Court System for maintaining accountability for youth who have been identified as having substance use or other juvenile behavioral problems.  The Juvenile Alcohol Safety Action Program (or JASAP) refers youth to treatment or other appropriate interventions (such as the Prime For Life or Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS).  The Juvenile ASAP Coordinator works closely with the Division of Juvenile Justice and the Court System to ensure that our youth are treated with respect and get the assistance that is most helpful to them.


Psychiatric Services-

  • Key to the good behavioral and medical health of CRNA clients is the Psychiatric Clinic that now manages six to eight visits per year.  This is a valuable service wherein a psychiatrist who is widely respected throughout the State comes into our region and provides consultation and treatment to beneficiaries in latest medications, differential diagnoses, and clinical approaches to optimal client care.  The psychiatrist as an expert in the psychotropic medications has been able to steer clients away from detrimental drug interactions while increasing the effectiveness of medications.  He offers ways of supplementing our formulary to best treat the many clients that our agency sees.
  • The Behavioral Health Department also collaborates with the Alaska Psychiatric Institute’s Dr. Wandall Wynn to supply on-going consultation and address ongoing needs of the BHS staff, educators, health care providers, and consumers.
Tobacco Program
  • Contact Sheila Hurst  at (907) 822-5241 with questions and suggestions.


Village Public Safety Officers

  • The VPSO Program has four village-based officers to help with this life-saving program.



“CRNA is a Tobacco Free Organization”