COVID-19 Update – March 19

Elder Services Update

In our continued efforts to support our Elders, we have taken additional steps as part of our pre-planned response to protect those within our region.

Effective, Thursday, March 19

Our daily Title VI meal services, provided by our Elders Services Department, will be delivered to participants at their home. Currently this service can only be made available to those already participating in the program.

All Title III meals will be made available for pick up, in a take home box, at the Robert Marshall Building. We actively encourage all current participants to take advantage of this service and continue to receive a warm nutritious meal each weekday.

In an additional effort to protect those at greatest risk, we will no longer offer regular Elder Service Technician home services, formerly known as “homemaking” services.

These efforts are in coordination with state and federal guidance to limit social interaction and congregation of large groups. We recognize that the services we provide are essential to the well-being of individuals in our region. We will continue to provide services at our greatest capacity, while still being able to balance the unique demands this situation requires.

We greatly appreciate the support and feedback we have received throughout this process.

For any specific questions regarding modifications to Elder Services programs, please contact Gayle Kildal at 822-5421