We provide a variety of multi-disciplinary academic/educational, therapeutic, cultural, artistic, wellness and resiliency-based services through our Child Development Center, Youth Development, or Young Adult Development programs. To meet the CYD Vision, our children have access to the highest standards of early child development, nutrition, fitness, and academic readiness. In addition, CYD provides comprehensive services beyond child care, by actively engaging youth in culture camps and service to our community, interactions & teachings with Elders, work crews & healing camps at Hudson Lake, development of world-class educational environments, investment in career and life skills training and leadership opportunities for youth and young adults, and support and encouragement to young families. We place particular importance in teaching our children and youth to trap, run dogs, speak the Ahtna language, fish and travel the rivers, hunt, trek the mountains and hills, and to know our land intimately, from winter’s bitter cold through summer’s bountiful harvests, and back again, from season to season.