CEO’s Address – The Importance of Testing Early

Hello, my name is Angela Vermillion, CEO of CRNA. 

My heart is saddened to hear of loss in our community due to Covid-19. Our CRNA family sends sincere condolences to the families who have lost someone during this ongoing pandemic. 

With Covid-19, it is difficult to gauge how one will fare, but what we do know, is that early treatment is best. 

We are fortunate to have testing, vaccines, and treatment to help combat this virus. I encourage you to test at the earliest onset of symptoms.

CRNA is here to provide testing, treatment, education, and to discuss the options you have in keeping you and your family safe. 

If you are unsure about testing on-site, we carry over-the-counter testing kits available for purchase in our pharmacy.

Let’s stay healthy and safe.