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Elizabeth Peratrovich

Published Date: February 7, 2024

Mother, Humanitarian, and Champion of Change

Elizabeth Peratrovich of the Tlingit Raven Moiety and the Lukaax.ádi clan stands as a beacon of courage and determination. Born in Petersburg, Alaska, to a Tlingit family and later adopted, Elizabeth became much more than just an activist; she was a devoted mother who deeply cared about her community and its future. Her path from her humble beginnings to advocating for the Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945 clearly demonstrates how one individual’s willingness to speak out against injustice can effect change. Her efforts were not just for her time but left a lasting legacy that continues to inspire.

As we commemorate Elizabeth Peratrovich Day on February 16th, let us embrace her enduring spirit by actively opposing discrimination in any form it takes.

Reflecting on Elizabeth Peratrovich’s life encourages us to appreciate the impact that determined individuals can have on making the world better. She showed us that standing up against wrongs and advocating for fairness can lead to real change. In memory of her spirit and dedication, we are invited to learn more about her life’s work and the difference she made. For a closer look at Elizabeth’s story and her achievements in civil rights, visit here. Let her story inspire us to take our own steps toward creating a more just and fair community.

All of the information presented in this blog post is based on detailed research and historical records. For further reading and to explore the source material in depth, please visit the Library of Congress blog at This resource offers comprehensive insights into Elizabeth Peratrovich’s life, activism, and the lasting impact of her work on civil and voting rights.

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