Copper River Native Association is committed to Operational Excellence, which means we value our employees and offer resources for continuous professional growth. We provide ongoing trainings throughout the year to ensure our team is challenged and prepared to provide exceptional service and consistently delight our customers and stakeholders.


The founders of CRNA promised to “resolve the problems of the Native people of Copper River.” Today, we maintain their promise to do just that, as well as to empower the people of the region by giving them tools and resources to overcome whatever life might have to offer. One way we are working toward this is by becoming a resiliency-based organization. This means we can face any challenge, any emergency, in a way that allows for quick resolve, healthy expression of emotions, and safe places and adequate time for healing.

Life is not without challenges, and it is when we face those challenges in healthy ways that we resolve and overcome them — even stronger on the other side. We deliver resiliency training to all CRNA staff, which prepares them to be resilient in the face of stress or trauma — in their own lives, as employees at CRNA, and in the community. It is our hope that these trainings extend to everyone in our region, so that we can become a resiliency-based community, empowered to thrive in every stage of life.

Contact (907) 822-5241 for more information on CRNA employee and community training opportunities.


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Heroin use and abuse is an increasing problem, in particular in rural areas of Alaska. State and national public health programs recently prioritized this issue, as it is a threat to public health and safety. To mitigate this threat, they are implementing campaigns to prevent, reduce, and reverse the effects of heroin use. Our region has also been affected by heroin use, and we are addressing it head on for the health of our people.

In March 2017, we initiated a comprehensive public outreach campaign, with the following goals:


Prepare the community, public service professionals, and local agencies with the tools needed to recognize and quickly address heroin use and distribution.


Educate and inform the community about the signs and risks of heroin use. Promote the messages in an empowering way, letting people no there is no shame and we are all in this together.


Empower individuals and groups to break the silence about heroin use and seek resources to recover from its harmful effects. Provide direct resources or referrals to resources needed to heal.

We ask that you join us and speak up to stop this deadly drug. Help us Call It Out. For hope. For healing. For strength.


Public Record

A Brownfields cooperative agreement with the EPA has been established to provide this Brownsfields public record. A brownfield site is defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant.”

To find more resources regarding Brownfields across the state, please visit the: Alaska Department of Enviromental Conservation Contaminated Sites Search tool.

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