We the Ahtna T’aene Nene’, inspired by our cultural values, will provide exceptional health services, child and youth development, and life-enhancing resources to empower all people in our region to thrive in every stage of life, from treasured infant to honored elder.


In 1964, a group of young, visionary Ahtna Native Alaskans promised to fearlessly pursue a thriving future for the Ahtna People by starting a small organization called Ahtna T’aene Nene’. Today, that organization has grown to become Copper River Native Association.


Between 1964 and 1972, Ahtna T’aene Nene’s leaders began building a solid foundation from which to provide much needed services and resources to the Ahtna people. In 1972, Copper River Native Association was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization, one year following the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Shortly after CRNA’s incorporation, four programs were established: Senior Citizen Transportation, Johnson O’Malley Bicultural/Bilingual program, Alcohol Treatment and Education, and Early Childhood Development.

Over the years, we have expanded to offer additional services and continue to serve the Copper Valley community with respect to our past and excitement for our future.


  • Charlene Nollner, President
  • Linda Pete, Vice President
  • Angela Vermillion, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Christopher Gene, Gakona Director
  • Eileen Ewan, Gulkana Director
  • Maryella Hicks, Kluti-Kaah Director
  • Tana Mae Pete, Tazlina Director
  • Rene Nicklie, Cantwell Director
  • Nick Jackson, Honorary Elder Director

senior management team

  • Paul Rude, Chief Executive Officer
  • Coretta Stevens, Interim Finance Director
  • Katherine McConkey, Tribal Community Services Director
  • Katrina Church-Chmielowski, Personnel Development Director
  • Roger Milionta , Plant Operations Director
  • Sharla Huckabey, Elder Services Director
  • Julie Jacobson, Primary Care Director
  • Dr. Zachary Barrickman, Dental Director
  • Cecil Sanford, Behavioral Health Services Director
  • Dr. Vickie Willis, Wellness Director
  • (Recruiting), Child Development Director
  • Chris Hatch, Safety Compliance Officer
  • (Recruiting), Human Resources Director