Child Development

Tene Ugheli (pronounced: Ten-eh Oo-well-ee) is an Ahtna phrase, meaning Good Trail. Child Development at CRNA works with children, families, and educators to ensure all children have the opportunities they need to be on a Good Trail. We provide a learning environment of active exploration for children to acquire cognitive, social emotional, physical, and language development skills. All children receive developmentally appropriate screenings and assessments for Dental, Wellness, Behavior Health, and Primary Care to inform and influence our developmental approach. Access to these services ensures every child receives an enhanced level of care and support through the crucial stages of early development. We also focus on teaching our children cultural values, providing them with a significant sense of belonging. In addition to a world-class child development environment, we invest in parent education outreach in the local villages and community, encouraging young families to participate and improve the skills necessary to be successful caregivers. Our partnership with local and regional agencies creates a solid foundation for our educators to receive the relevant training and experience essential to delivering unmatched level of service to all children, in preparation for a Good Trail through Kindergarten and beyond.

Community Development Statement: The compacting Native Alaskan tribes that comprise the Copper River Native Association and the rural communities in the Ahtna Region require access to exceptional health, social, and developmental services that address all issues essential to the health and safety of its residents. A necessary component of this dynamic framework of care is a proposed campus expansion of a new building to house the Child Development and Tribal Community Services departments, thereby enhancing CRNA’s ability to provide full spectrum care for all.

For questions and/ or to submit comments, please contact Child Development Director Patrick Self,