Crna Updates

CRNA Incident Command System Update

March 30, 2020

Effective March 24, 2020

As of 1400, Tuesday March 24th, 2020, CEO Paul Rude enacted CRNA’s immediate Incident Command System (ICS) response structure. In times of emergencies, such as this, it is common practice for government agencies, healthcare, and emergency response organizations to transition to this structure. ICS allows organizations to not only respond to emergencies with maximum effectiveness, it also allows for broader coordination with federal and state agencies, tribes, business and other organizations. When faced with a broad scale emergency, it is our responsibility to be prepared with a proportional response. In the case of COVID-19, CRNA implementing an ICS is vital to sustaining our organization, our community and the families that call the Copper River Valley home.

ICS implementation does not specifically affect normal healthcare services as they were being performed. It exists to support our ongoing response operations. Please visit our website for current information on services we provide.