Services Available

Please call in advance for appointments and additional information. 822-5241
Report any symptoms that include cough, fever, or respiratory difficulty.
Primary Care:
• All services available! Please call in advance.
Dental Services:
  • All services available. Please call in advance.
  • COVID-19 testing may be required.
Behavioral Health:
• All services available via tele-health.
• Ugheli Wednesdays moving to digital service.
  • Acute, essential services and massage therapy available onsite at Glennallen Chiropractic by appointment only.
  • Tele-Health is available for exercise, nutrition and Wellness consultations.
Elder Services:
• Title III meals available for curbside pickup at Robert Marshall Building for current participants.
• Title VI meals are being delivered to current participants at their homes.
• Elder Service Technician services, formerly “homemaking”, services are temporarily discontinued.
Tribal Community Services:
• All services available.
• Our dedicated employees are working from home and can facilitate your needs.
• Food bank services will continue to operate on adjusted hours: 9am-12pm and 1pm – 4pm, Tuesday and Thursday. Please call in advance. Food boxes will be packed and brought to vehicles curbside at our main campus warehouse. The Food Bank is closed the first week of each month to complete inventory.