Child Welfare Services

Indian Child Welfare Act   (Cantwell)

CRNA works with the Office of Children Services (OCS) to ensure the children who have been removed by (OCS) are placed in the least restrictive setting

We assist with finding an Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) compliant home, preferably the child's Immediate Family member, a native home within the tribe, a native home outside of the tribe or a non-native home within the community with close ties to the family.

We also work on a case plan with parents so that they can reunite with their child.

Child Welfare Services

In 2017, the Copper River Native Association (CRNA) entered a compact with the state of Alaska and 19 Tribes, or Tribal organizations, to improve the outcomes and strengthen the child welfare services administered by the State directly and through Co-Signers.

In 2018, CRNA added the Scope of Work to do Diligent Relative Searches for our five compacted villages. “A reasonable diligent search is required by law to identify those individuals who may be considered a resource for placement or custody of the child.” The search includes the parents or relatives of the child, as well as other persons who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the child.

In 2019, CRNA added the Scope of Work to conduct Initial Diligent Relative Searches for our five compacted villages. The process is the same as the Diligent Relative Searches, but is for cases that have been open for an extended period of time.

The Copper River Native Association continues to negotiate with the state of Alaska on conducting additional Scopes of Work; Safety Evaluations, Licensing Service and On-Going Placement Search

Title IV-B

In 2019, CRNA was awarded the Title IV-B grant through the Children and Family Services.

Title IV-B addresses child welfare services that can be used for prevention of and response to child abuse and neglect.