CRNA Indian General Assistance Program (IGAP)

The Indian General Assistance Program (IGAP) is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded grant to assist tribes and tribal consortia in developing their environmental protection programs and develop and implement solid and hazardous waste programs on tribal lands.

CRNA implemented its IGAP Program in 2011 and coordinates with the Regional IGAP coordinators to address environmental issues and increase environmental awareness through outreach and education.


CRNA IGAP promotes recycling! CRNA recycles within its organization and works with the Regional IGAP programs to support recycling throughout the region to reduce waste that goes into the local landfill and improve the health of our environment. If there are any questions about what or where to recycle, please contact the IGAP Program at CRNA.

There is an annual white goods backhaul in the summer when CRNA works with the Regional IGAP programs to remove and recycle refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and other large household appliances from the region. Please contact the Tribal Office in your area for more information about this event.

CRNA IGAP partners with Recycling Our Area’s Resources, ROAR, in Glennallen to recycle aluminum cans, mixed paper, office paper, newspaper, and shredded paper throughout the Copper River region. CRNA also supports Valley Community for Recycling Solutions, VCRS, in Palmer to recycle plastics and cardboard from CRNA and the regional villages.

Air Quality

CRNA IGAP works with Regional IGAP Programs to educate community members about air quality to increase human and environmental health throughout the region. This includes participating and hosting trainings related to air quality, hosting presentations on air quality and healthy homes, and distributing Healthy Homes kits with supplies and information to raise awareness and actively improve indoor air quality for community members.

CRNA IGAP Coordinator is also available to do virtual in-home Healthy Home Assessments for community members. Discuss concerns about your indoor air quality, ideas about how to keep a healthy home, and do a virtual walk-through of your house to identify any vulnerabilities and come up with simple, easy, in-home solutions.

Water Quality

Improving water quality throughout the Coper River region is another critical IGAP goal. Our rivers provide drinking water, and our salmon depend on clean water. CRNA IGAP developed a Water Quality Quality Assurance Project Plan, or Water Quality QAPP, to protect our waters and fish from pollution. Under this QAPP, CRNA IGAP staff will work with other regional IGAP Programs to conduct water quality sampling in all major rivers to obtain baseline water data to further assess the level of water pollution. This data will be used to raise public awareness about pollution and water quality, and to improve human and environmental health in the long term.

Climate Change

The Earth, as we know it, is changing. Oceans and rivers are warmer, fires are burning hotter and longer, and winters are warmer. This is due to Global Warming, the warming of the atmosphere to potential catastrophic proportions.

CRNA IGAP is developing a Copper River Climate Change Adaptation Plan. This project will allow communities in the Copper River Valley to collaborate to identify, assess, plan for, and adapt to extreme climate events and harmful environmental trends that impact local and regional resources. This is an important effort to anticipate and plan for future changes in the climate and to ensure the protection of environmental health and human health and safety.

CRNA is asking for community information and participation. Below is a Copper River Climate Plan Information Form you are invited to fill out to provide any information about your knowledge on: climate changes you’ve seen or experienced in the Copper River Valley; and any ideas for strategies or solutions to address the changes that are happening.

For any questions or more information about this project, please contact the IGAP Coordinator at CRNA.

Copper River Climate Plan Information Form 

Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for emergencies is important, especially in rural areas that lack the resources of a city or borough. CRNA IGAP is working with Regional IGAP Programs to increase knowledge and awareness about being prepared for emergency situations throughout the region, and make sure community members have the proper tools and resources to handle those situations when they arise.

CRNA partners with the Copper River Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) to help prepare for any emergency, and assist with coordinating with other organizations for emergencies that exceed the local resources in the Copper River region.


The CRNA IGAP Program address all environmental topics and issues. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want information regarding any environmental topics or projects, contact the IGAP Coordinator Sarah Sherwood at or 907-822-8846.

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